“Novice Infotech is an emerging IT company established since 2009. We are dealing in Global IT management, offering a broad portfolio of integrated solutions and services to help firms manage their entire Technology Needs.”

From rapid development to ongoing optimization services, our customers benefit from the synthesis of technology, support, system management, and industry & solution expertise. We at Novice have very professionals and experienced team available 24*7, to keep in touch with our valuable customers. We are committed to make businesses more efficient, sustainable and profitable.

Why choose Novice Infotech

Our quality has been ensured by several Clients. We provide precise services, artistic graphic work, and most importantly the individual human approach on each project. We tend to guarantee lucidity, originality, promptness and quality at an inexpensive unbeatable price index.

Our prestigious clients have learned that they can count on Novice Infotech for a high level of commitment, creativity and a passion for excellence. We empowers companies of all sizes across the globe to make optimal decisions that improve profitability and achieve real results in their businesses.

Thanks to the web and digitalization, we are able to work for anyone within the globe.

Some Reasons Why You Should Choose Us?

  • Schedule and Budget: We understand the value of time and money. We help our customers achieve goals within clearly specified schedule and budget. We cooperate with our clients actively in creating always the best and most effective websites.
  • Client’s Priorities: We work on every project by listening to the ideas and requirements of our clients. We never commence our projects by pressing procedures on our clients they do not perfectly agree with. So that the final product can reflect your requirements accurately, and will serve perfectly its purpose it has been designed for.
  • Personal Attention: We emphasize on personal mutual contact with a client. You will always be able to be in touch with your project designer/manager, who deals with your project directly.
  • Comprehensive and Direct Communication: We do not hide behind business diction, technical dictionary, specific and professional terms, Alien words, etc. With us, you will always get an answer you will understand for 100%.
  • Clear and Professional Outputs: We will not try to confuse you by creating complicated text and extensive processes, incomprehensible graphic design, tons of theory texts in the project - they may please your business ego and even it may look very spectacular, but they frustrate your audience. Hence we provide you with advice, service and a final product exactly according to your requirements and in a user friendly manner.
  • Experienced and Professional Team: Your order, a project, will always be dealt with by the best expert in the field. We constantly update our professional knowledge by new information in order to help you to stay well informed about the latest trends and technologies without any problems.
  • Post Project Assistance: Last but not least, we don’t consider the delivery of the final project as the end of our relation with the client. We believe that to mark our quality, One must stay available for the customer whenever they need even after the project is completed and We proudly owns that quality.
Our Process

In today’s competitive world your website displays a lot about you and helps to gather maximum audience by showing your Strengths, Achievements, Future Projects, Plans and Performances. There are many steps involved in the designing and developing a web site. Start from the beginning by collecting all precise and maximum information and content of your dream project till the regular maintenance and up gradation we keep your web site up to date and latest.

Here are some basic steps involved in creating a website:

Project Planning:

The most important step to start the designing of a successful web site is to collect the best information about the Client’s Project. This information include the introduction, team details, product details with latest trends, Achievements of the company, available Media, Customer’s Testimonials and all other relevant details.

This first step is actually the most crucial one, as it involves the basic and complete understanding of the company. It symbolizes what your business goals and dreams are, and we proudly design a web link that can be utilized to help you achieve your mission. We have a dedicated team for these purposes who are masters in preparing drafts of the content and to collect maximum information from the client which can be used to bring out the best.

Design and Development:

We are presently living in a Tech Savvy generation, hence old and traditional designing is out of trend today. We see a world of creativity everyday and everywhere. We know that your website must be aimed to target the best audience as Bull’s Eye. We understand that the requirements of two companies cannot be same and thus we put our best efforts to differentiate your web design just like your unique personality. We also provide the exclusive services for the designing of Company Logo which stands you out of the crowd in commercial world.

The development stage is the point wherever the web site itself is made. At this stage, our designers can take all of the individual graphic components from the prototype and use them to make the particular, functional web site. On the technical front, a successful website needs associate understanding of front-end web development. This involves writing valid HTML / CSS code that complies with current web standards, increasing functionality, also as accessibility for as massive associate audience as possible.

Test and Delivery:

The final stage of our services involves the most precise quality check of the website including testing of all the features such as the functionality of forms or other scripts, compatibility issues (viewing differences between different web browsers), and presentable view ensuring that your web site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions.
Once we find that our best resources have performed their best then after the approval from the client we officially deliver the site. An FTP program is used to upload the web site files to your server. Once these accounts have been setup, your web site will later upload to the server.


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